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Enchanted Forest Fairy Party Kit
Enchanted Forest Fairy Party Kit
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$ 54.95

About Enchanted Forest Fairy Party Kit

Enchanted_Forest_Fairy_PhotoNORMALLY $79.95, NOW 54.95 (save $25)

Your little guests will delight in becoming forest fairies for the day. ! With a bit of assembly, you can create the shimmering Enchanted Forest. Little ones can frolic with fairy wands in a Glitter Ring and nibble from their lunch swag in a Magic Strawberry Patch then enjoy a game of Jewel Dust Butterflies, all before going home with their own silken fairy party bag.

Best of all, you'll believe in fairies, because the magic has been created for you!


Enchanted__Forest_Fairy_photo_2Party Kit for 10 little children contains:

1 x Party plan manual

10 x Invitations from the Fairy Queen

10 x Fairy sized envelopes

10 x Shimmering leaf decorations

10 x Paper lanterns to light the way

10 x Delicate pink lunch swags

10 x Lunch swag name tags

10 x Fairy drink tags

10 x Organza silken party bags

10 x Thank you party bag tags

10 x Jewel Dust Butterfly game icons

1 x Roll of ribbon

Need the Essentials?

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Why not add one of our Essentials Party Kits which includes all you need for the perfect party - just add food. 

 From just $7 per guest, they make organising your party breeze. 

We recommend an Essentials Party Kit - pink or an Essentials Party Kit - red  with this Enchanted Forest Fairy themed kit.

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