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Toddler Tints



Toddler TintsTM are the latest technology in car window shades. A static film that is applied to the inside of the car window to protect children from the sun and reduce heat.



Key Features:
◦Designed to provide sun protection - Australian UPF 15+

◦Appear transparent when driving so both driver and child can see outside the window.

Invisible from outside the car.

◦Don't affect window functionality.

◦Designed to custom fit and adhere perfectly to the inside of your car window (each ToddlerTintTM measures 600mm x 800mm)

◦Easy to apply (instructions included for self application)

◦Sold per sheet (RRP $39.95). Each toddler tintsTM is intended for ONE window only

◦Come in two gorgeous designs - 'zoo friends' and 'tea party' (please visit our shop to have a look).

◦YES toddler tints can be applied over existing window tinting.


For application details and video please click here.

Toddler Tint Tea Party Design
$ 39.95  |  
SKU 6001
Toddler Tint Zoo Animal Design
$ 39.95  |  
SKU 6000

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